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Pre-tax that’s wise beyond its years.


Introducing an intelligent benefits platform for all spending accounts, from 
Pre-Tax to Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSAs), and more — all on one card.

One platform, many benefits.
Less hassle, more joy.

Everything we’ve built has led to this: an automated experience to guide you and your people effortlessly through Pre-Tax.
Intuitive Assistance

Our platform is AI-assisted, bringing contextual guidance to every step — from set up to integrations.

Comprehensive Compliance

Our industry-leading experts assist with ensuring compliance across enrollment, documentation, and communications.

Integrated Insights

Our dashboard delivers dynamic insights, replacing static reports with real-time engagement and usage data.

Benefits every employee can understand

Guided Onboarding

Members are assisted throughout the journey — from enrollment to first purchase — with in-app education designed to suit every learning style.

Coverage Clarity

We’re eliminating confusion with in-app SmartSearch, an automated way for members to understand what’s covered — instantly.

Effortless Payments

One card for all transactions makes benefits easy. And, intuitive in-app claims make reimbursement painless.

Maximized Savings

Level’s advanced multi-purse ranking means transactions are debited from the best account automatically for members.

Continuous Support

Support is on hand — in-app, email, or by phone — with extended support hours to answer any questions, so HR doesn’t have to.

Happier employees reduce benefits noise for employers

Eliminating confusion for employees and increasing support for HR and consultants, means ensuring a more rewarding pre-tax experience for all.
Greater ROI

Pre-tax spending reduces employee adjustable gross income, meaning employers pay less in taxes.

Reduced Admin

Streamline operations with automated tools & integrations for tax, compliance, and security.

Dedicated Assistance

Each Level customer has their own success manager so an expert is available when you need them.

Pre-Tax, launching 2024.
A future where benefits work harder for you.

Take the next step towards a fully automated future where you don’t have to be an expert to maximize your benefits.

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